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Keeping The Glow With Your Partner !

January 22, 2011

One reason why relationships get stale, go off the boil and become boring is that couples get stuck in a rut of routine and having children often takes away from the spontaneity that keeps love alive, fresh and expanding and growing.

Doing the same things over and over again becomes uninteresting, tedious and sometimes depressing in its predictability. Some people feel that their need for variety is not being met and that’s when couples start to drift, maybe only 2 millimetres apart to start with but over time that small gap becomes a large chasm.

I’ve written and blogged about “Keeping the Glow” many times and here are the links back to some of my blogs on this fascinating subject if you’d like to read them again.

So for this week Try Something New – order a take-away and eat it in the garden, get a babysitter and go and hear a live band, go and find a great place to dance together like you used to….. let your imagination open up to all the limitless possibilities that will re- kindle your connection to your partner.

It’s not about money …… it’s about mindset!

Make it your intention to lighten up and have good laugh. You maybe feeling stressed and anxious about lots of things but make a conscious decision to see things from a more joyful perspective…… like your kids naturally do.

Find things funny, …..relax and see life from the “glass half full mentality” just for this week and ask yourself:

What can I do this week to keep the glow with my partner?

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